Assemble Your Large Optics with Ultra Precision Alignmentcontact button

The LS Laser Alignment and Assembly Station™ is designed for ultra precision alignment for lithographic or other large lens systems.

  • Non-contact measurement and alignment of centration and tilt with instant results.
  • Optical assembly, doublet cementing, inspection of optical and mechanical runout to under .1 micron TIR.
  • 50 inch or greater vertical linear positioning rail, for large assemblies and long confocal positioning.
  • Ultra stable 650 pound granite base, minimum 300 mm Air-Bearing Spindle (ABS) with vacuum through center.
  • Repeatable measurements for lens radii from ±2 mm to infinity, with same objective.
  • Rigid vertical column with precision linear-stage focusing.
  • Clean room compatible.

Category: Laser Alignment