Measure Center Thickness and Air Gaps Using the Fogale LISE System with LenScan Software.

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Opto Alignment is the US distributor for the Fogale Nanotech LenScan System which allows interferometric non-contact measurement of center thickness and position along the optical axis of all optical elements (lenses, cubes, flats…) in an assembly.  The LenScan System can be used independently or incoporated into the Laser Alignment StationTM to provide an all purpose alignment and metrology station capable of  providing lens tilt, decenter, center thickness and air gap measurments.

  • Non-contact measurement of center thickness and air gaps.
  • Interferometric measurement with accuracies under 1 µm.
  • Measurement scan windows of 600 mm, 200 mm (standard) and 40 mm.
  • Working distance options from 150 mm to 600 mm (400 mm standard).
  • Interferometer source at 1.31 µm.

LenScan Software allows for quick straightforward measurements.

  • Sample set-up with list of known glass materials.
  • Automatic pattern matching.
  • Accuracy/repeatability testing
  • Batch statistics

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