Precision lens cleaning wipes are made from strong hydro-entangled polyester and cellulose fibers. They are lint-free and therefore ideal for use under laminar flow hoods and in clean room environments (to class 100). They can be used on glass, plastics, coatings, and crystals.  OPTO-WIPES™ special texture results in unparalleled softness for damage-free cleaning, trapping and removing residues better than other wipes. They can be used on glass, plastics, coatings, and crystals. When used wet, OPTO-WIPES™ retain and dispense solvents at an ideal rate. They are manufactured and tested for purity towards maximum cleanliness. They are reusable for economy.

  • Super soft – Cushioned wiping action prevents scratches
  • Compliant – Conforms to surface for efficient wiping
  • Efficient at cleaning – Particles and residues are trapped and removed in a single motion
  • Absorbent – Solvents are efficiently absorbed and dispensed for streak-free cleaning
  • Pure and Lint-free – Maintains and maximizes cleanliness
  • Strong – durable when wet
  • Reusable and economical

OPTO-WIPES™ are available in a sky blue color that darkens when wet for excellent process control. They are also available in a white version for the most critical applications.

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