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The Laser Alignment and Assembly Station™ (LAS™) is a non-contact measurement and alignment instrument that will improve the throughput and quality of your precision multi-element lens assemblies.

  • Non-contact Real Time Total Indicated Runout (TIR) measurements of optical surfaces
  • Achieve sub-micron alignment with instant results to 0.2um accuracy
  • Accommodates radius of curvatures from ±2mm to infinity and diameters from 1mm to infinity without changing objectives, which retains the same, true optical axis from the first lens to the last one. No need to estimate or average for virtual axis in software.
  • Modular configurations to meet your applications
  • Accommodates coated or uncoated optics from UV to LWIR
  • Robust granite base construction insures stable, repeatable measurements
  • High precision air bearing with integrated XY and Tilt adjustments
  • Precise servo-motor controlled focusing
  • Clean room 100 compatible
  • Compact and efficient design minimizes footprint
  • Easy to learn, easy to use with graphic tolerance zone
  • Made in the USA since 1992

Integrated with CalcuLens™ 2.6 software, which accurately calculates TIR values, stores collected data for quality reviews and audits, and permits sharing results via your local network. Imports lens data files from ZEMAX.

  • Assembly: complete lens systems via active alignment or diameter mount
  • Cementing: doublets, triplets, cylindrical lenses or prisms
  • Alignment: spherical, aspherical, cylindrical lens without changing objective
  • Inspection & Quality Control: centration and wedge UV to LWIR, air-space and center thickness in multi lens system

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