Assemble and Do Design Validation on Your Small Optical Assemblies with Our Bench Top Laser Alignment Station™

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The LAS-BT™ is a Bench-Top 96 lb downscaled version of the standard  600 lb LAS-UP™, at a lower price tag, designed for cementing doublets or aligning, centering lenses during small lens-assemblies, or inspecting completed small assemblies for centration and tilt.

Same easy operation for a technician or trainee to learn in just a couple of hours. Does not require an engineer to run it.

  • Non-contact measurement and alignment of centration and tilt with instant results.
  • Optical assembly, doublet cementing, inspection of optical and mechanical runout to under 5 micron TIR.
  • Compact Bench-Top design requires little space.
  • Stable 50 pound granite base, 100 mm Air-Bearing Spindle (ABS) with vacuum through center.
  • Repeatable measurements for lens radii from 2 mm to infinity, with same objective.
  • Rigid vertical column with precision linear-stage focusing.
  • Clean room compatible, 20 inch vertical linear positioning rail, with vertical position encoder, standard oil-free venturi vacuum pump.
  • Easy, fast setup in existing assembly room
  • Size: 17x18x33 inch. Weight: 96lbs
  • Utilities: 120V, compressed air 80PSI
  • Options: Motorized ABS, Angular encoder

Packed with high performance features:

The “LAS-BT™” is designed for fast setup and ease of use. The visible diode laser beam measures tilt smaller then 5 arc seconds by reflection from any radii of curvature of ±2 mm to infinity, and provides centration accuracy (linear) of less than 5 microns. The compact optical sensing head moves easily on a firm, vertical column using a two speed motorized Z-drive. Utilizable on any lens curvature, spherical to cylindrical for cementing doublets, mounting glass and crystal optical components, or potting subassemblies and assembling entire lens systems. Post assembly QA inspection is also available utilizing CalcuLens™ Inspection.  Custom made brass mounting base and three-jaw chucks are available to accommodate lenses from 1.5 mm to 100 mm, and the system handles coated and uncoated lenses with equal ease.

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