Opto-Mechanical Design

At Opto Alignment Technology one of our key resources is our unique group of seasoned opto-mechanical engineers who can provide design and analysis for your opto-mechanical systems.

Collectively, our engineering team has decades of experience regarding imaging systems, systems performing active alignment, tooling for optical systems and optical systems prototyping, and fabrication. Having managed and completed dozens of successful programs, we have a proven track record of taking precision and ultra-precision opto-mechanical products from concept to prototype, including crash projects whose completion is required in a matter of days or weeks.


Optical Design

  • Custom Lenses (UV through IR)
  • Projection Lenses
  • Scan Lenses (F-theta)
  • Telecentric Lenses
  • Zoom Lenses

Custom Engineering Products

  • Telescopes
  • Endoscopes
  • Microscopes
  • Soft-mounted Lenses for Satellite Applications
  • Projection Systems
  • Visual Displays

Important Pointer

Get your suppliers involved in your projects as early as possible. They can help you make crucial decisions regarding design feasibility and cost / performance tradeoffs.

Please contact us for more information regarding how Opto-Alignment Technology can help optimize your designs, minimize your costs and take your concepts to prototype and production.