Metrology + Testing

Opto Alignment Technology is proud to offer lens characterization services for both IR and visible lens assemblies.  Lens de-center and tilt can be measured optically using the Laser Alignment Station™ and supplied in report or spreadsheet form. Air gaps and center thickness measurements can be performed on lenses transmitting at 1.31µm using a Fogale LenScan fiber optic interferometer integrated with the LAS.  These services are typically utilized for design validation, active or passive alignment, and  quality assurance inspections on prototype lens assemblies.


Additional Metrology offered by Opto Alignment Technology:

Optical surface accuracy and lens performance qualification:

  • Zygo® and Phase Shift interferometers to measure surface figure errors and transmitted wavefront errors, along with a comprehensive range of transmission spheres and transmission flats when testing spherical and aspheric surfaces or optical systems
  • Optikos™ MTF test bench configurable for finite or infinite conjugates, and on/off-axis testing from the near-UV to near-IR.

Dimensional and optical cosmetic qualification:

  • Laser interferometric height gauge for dimensional measurements, including lens center thickness and assembly airspace measurements to an accuracy of ±0.5 micron.
  • Laser Alignment Stationto measure decentration and wedge of individual components.
  • MIL Spec compatible Scratch-Dig Standards

Other qualification:

  • In addition to the above equipment, Opto Alignment Technology has designed and developed a wide range of custom, NIST-traceable test equipment and methods to meet customers’ unique requirements.