Lens Assembly

Opto-Alignment Technology offers high quality, ultra precision alignment and assembly capabilities from IR to visible to near UV including:

  • 1400 ft2 cleanroom fully equipped with precision metrology instrumentation and assembly tools, including Opto-Alignment Technology’s Laser Alignment and Assembly Stations™ equipped with our CalcuLens™ software.
  • Highly trained and experienced assembly technicians
  • Specialization in low to mid-volumes ranging from prototype quantities of a few units to production runs of several hundred units
  • Assembly capabilities for components with diameters from 1 mm to 300 mm
  • Alignment capabilities to 0.2 micron TIR
  • Complete, clear documentation of test results
  • Flexible component sourcing. You can provide the components or we can assume complete responsibility for their procurement, QA, and integration
  • Expedited and flexible deliveries. We can offer expedited deliveries of a few days and flexible on-going deliveries which meet your production requirements
  • Analyses and suggestions for cost reduction and improvements in manufacturing ability

Below are some of the product types assembled by Opto-Alignment Technology:

  • Optical Doublets, Triplets, & Quadruplets
  • Semiconductor related assemblies
  • Clinical and Medical sub-assemblies
  • Aerospace & Airborne optical systems
  • Holographic & Graphic imaging
  • Telescope & Vision applications
  • Wide Screen HDTV projection
  • Microscope Objective from Visible to Mid-UV
  • Scanner lenses
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Telecentric lenses
  • Spectrophotometric & Analytical instruments
  • Medical Diagnostic Lenses