Compact, Bench-Top
Industry First 3-Color Red/Green/SWIR IR System

• Red (660nm) laser reflection based Optical Module
• 500mm vertical linear focusing movement with multi-speed stepper motor and micro precision rotary encoder
• Ø100mm motorized air-bearing (ABS) with integrated x/y/tip/ tilt stage and vacuum through center
• Ø150mm worktable extension
• CalcuLensTM Assembly software for measuring alignment errors of single lens
• Measuring accuracy 0.5μm centration and 1.0 arcsec tilt, depending on the lens specs and opto-mechanical design
• Mechanical indicator
• Maximum axial load capacity ~132lb (60Kg).
• System weight ~98lb (44Kg.)
• System dimensions 17″x18″x39″ (432x457x990mm)
• System Requirements:
– Compressed air, pressure: 60PSI (0.004bars)
– Dry air: 40 Dew point
– Filter: ±0.005mm
– Air low: 4 SF/Min (0.113CM/Min)
– Electrical rating: 120/240V 50/60Hz @ 1Amp

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